ON STAGE NOW : That’s Dirty Dancing

July 3 — September 6 2015

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<<Dirty Dancing>>It’s the early 1960’s and the world is a rapidly changing place but one place where tradition remains is the Kellermen`s Prairie Resort. The Hoseman family spends their summer vacations here every year, as Dr. Hoseman is also the physician of the owner, Max Kellerman. The resort offers many recreational activities but one of the most popular is the annual talent show which is the reason we have all gathered here tonight. “Baby” Hoseman is the youngest of the family and just beginning to explore independence, dancing, and the opposite sex… It is a summer time romance story, loved by many and perfect for our crazy team to pay homage to. We feature some great songs from the 80’s while spoofing this much loved coming of age story. All set at the Kellerman’s posh prairie resort, which also happens to employ a very odd groundskeeper, who is constantly doing battle with a surprisingly clever band of pesky prairie dogs! Please do join us at Jubilations Dinner Theatre for our fun filled spoof…That’s Dirty Dancing!


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