ON STAGE NOW : The Jailhouse Rocks

February 9 — April 15 2018

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Piper is pretty in pink and the life of every party. But when this queen of the New York party scene takes it a bit too far, she’s forced to trade in the pink party dress for an orange prison suit! Join us as Jubilations Dinner Theatre puts a G-rated twist on the modern TV sensation,Orange is the New Black. Set to a selection of Billboards all-time greatest hits, The Jailhouse Rocks is a musical comedy that will leave you laughing all night, and singing all the way home!!

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Despicable Moi - Part of our Jubilations Junior Series!

Despicable Moi - Part of our Jubilations Junior Series!

February 24 — April 7 2018

The most notorious supervillain in the world has finally been caught and sent to prison. The world is safe at last… or is it? Can a prison really hold the world’s most ingenious criminal mastermind? Will he learn to be an upstanding, rule following, all-round good guy? Will his minions show up to stage a prison break? Will this writer keep writing every sentence in the form of a question?!?! You’ll have to join us at Jubilations Dinner theatre to find out!!

Betwitching Elvis

Betwitching Elvis

April 20 — June 24 2018

Samantha Stephens and her husband Darren are trying to live a normal married life, but Samantha’s witch mother, Endora, doesn’t make it very easy for them. One day, Samantha decides to organize a surprise birthday party for her dear friend Eleanor but she is determined to not use magic. Sam knows that her friend has always been a big fan of Elvis, so she hires an impersonator for the party. However, when Endora drops in unexpectedly and meets the impersonator, she is not very impressed. Suddenly, the doorbell rings and the guests are arriving, Samantha implores her mother to leave, which she agrees to do, but not before turning the unfit impersonator into the real Elvis…
Please join us at Jubilations Dinner Theatre and get ready to laugh and sing along to some of the great songs of the sixties as Elvis shows off his moves in this comedic spoof of the much loved “Bewitched” television series.

Runaway Bridesmaids

Runaway Bridesmaids

June 29 — September 2 2018

These gals are tired of always being the bridesmaid and never the bride and are going to do something about it. Four women are off on a bachelorette party trip never to be forgotten, as they celebrate their friend’s upcoming marriage, while also searching for husbands of their own! Join us for a hilarious romp as these ladies meet a few Mr Wrongs while searching for Mr. Right. All set to a classic wedding song playlist of hit tunes we all know and love! Celebrations Dinner Theatre is proud to present – Runaway Bridesmaids!

Rock & Roll Heaven

Rock & Roll Heaven

September 7 — November 4 2018

Where do all the late greats reside now? As the old saying goes, "If there is a heaven, they must have one hell of a band"!  Join our hapless hero, a wannabe rock god, who after an untimely mistake ends up in heaven.  Rock and Roll Heaven! All of your favourite rock stars are there to greet him from Buddy Holly, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Michael Jackson, Jim Morrison, The Beatles (Okay, 2 Beatles), Freddy Mercury, to Amy Winehouse and many more. But does he belong there? Only the King can decide his fate! You know who I'm talking about… We've sadly lost so many talented artists who have touched us and formed the soundtrack to our lives, but their music will last forever.  Join Celebrations Dinner Theatre for our walk through the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…in heaven.