ON STAGE NOW : Oh Boy, Buddy Holly!

May 1 — June 29 2015

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Oh Boy, Buddy Holly! (Show Poster)On one strange night, in a little town in the middle of nowhere Manitoba, something very strange and magical happened. The kids at Shallow Water High have spent their entire grade twelve year writing letters to their favorite rock n roll stars, begging them to come and play at their graduation dance. As this is to be Shallow Water's last graduation, the town has become too small and the school is closing. The kids have tried many tactics to convince their idols to appear, including stories from several generations of students about the school and what it has meant to them. The whole town became swept up in the campaign and everyone believed that one of the stars was sure to come...What they never ever expected was for Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers and Chuck Berry all to show up! We invite you to attend the best Rock N Roll Graduation Party of all time Oh Boy, Buddy Holly!


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