ON STAGE NOW : Big Boom Theory 2: Time Travelling Geeks

May 2 — September 7 2014

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Big Boom Theory 2: Time Travelling Geeks


The Big Boom Theory II: Time Travelling Geeks (Show Poster)It's been one year since Sheldon Cooper visited The Canadian International Science Awards Centre... and he's coming back.  Why?  Fantastic question.  He's perfected time travel.  That's right.  Join Sheldon, Amy, Leonard, Penny, Howard and Bernadette as they travel through space and time to prove once and for all that nerds really do have more fun.  But messing with the space/time continuum has consequences, and every decision they make could potentially affect the characters we've all grown to love.  No amount of 'Soft Kitty' lullabies are going to save them now.  They'll have to rely on all their wits (which is a lot) in order to get out of this trime travelling quandary.  Will Sheldon propose to Amy?  Will Leonard finally find luck in love?  Will Howard's mother battle a prehistoric dinosaur?  Anything could happen, when you get your geek on... again.  Set to the best music of the past FIVE decades this sequel is anything but ordinary.  I feel like I'm forgetting something...oh...right... Bazinga!

From the team of Writer- Matt Falk and Director R. Apostle, who brought you last year's sold out hit "The Big Boom Theory"  Jubilations is proud to present,  The Big Boom Theory II - Time Travelling Geeks!


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